3 February

A splash of brazen color to brighten any indoor space—that’s the allure of houseplants with red flower. whether growing in your living room or above your kitchen cabinets, their striking hues instantly enliven your space. Amidst the surrounding greenery, these eye-catching flowers provide a dramatic focal point, demanding attention. They bring a touch of the tropics, adding warmth and energy with their vibrant display. While prized for their colorful flowers, these plants also flaunt attractive foliage. Glossy green leaves in spear shapes, scalloped edges, interesting variegations—the perfect verdant backdrop.

How do you take care of a red flower plant?

Though desired for their beauty, houseplants with red flowers require careful cultivation. Their specific needs must be met: light, water, humidity, and temperature. Some demand very bright light to coax out bold blooms; others oblige even in low light. Careful watering prevents wilting, yet soggy soil invites rot. Tropical origins mean warm, humid conditions encourage growth for many. Providing the ideal environment for each plant is key to healthy specimens and reliable flowering.With proper care, houseplants with red flowers reward with constant color. Their striking hues enliven indoor spaces with beauty and vibrance. This article explores popular varieties, their unique needs, and how to incorporate these lively accents into the home and office. The right conditions mean an ongoing parade of brazen blooms.

Red flower plant

Complete guide to anthurium care

A splash of tropical flair—that’s the red anthurium. This sultry stunner, with its glossy, leather-like leaves and beguiling blooms, is a native of the steamy jungles and rainforests of Central and South America. Lush and leafy, with imposing foliage reaching over a foot wide, the anthurium makes quite the first impression. Yet it saves its real showstopper for the center stage—a ravishing red spathe set against a backdrop of deep green.

anthurium care

This modified leaf, as striking as velvet and as bright as a stop sign, ensconces a pale spike where hundreds of teensy flowers reside. It’s a beacon to pollinators, shouting “Come hither!” with its waxy scarlet charms. They heed its call, ensuring new berry-like fruits will form, eventually splitting open to reveal the next generation of seeds. Thus, the cycle continues, allowing the red anthurium’s beauty to carry on.

Is Anthurium safe to touch?

Beyond its sultry looks, this tropical temptress has a toxic side too. With crystals of calcium oxalate shimmering on its leaves and stems, careless contact can cause quite the irritation. So admire those glossy leaves from afar and keep curious kids and critters at bay. Grown with care and kept out of mischievous mouths, the red anthurium will reward its owner with constant blooms and an endless summer vibe. A touch of jungle glamour for the intrepid indoor gardener.

Vibrant Blooms: Small Houseplants with Red Flowers

Seeking a pop of color? Small houseplants with red flowers enliven indoor spaces with their vivid blooms. Beyond beauty, some purify the air or perfume the home. With the right care matching their preferences, these compact charmers flourish.

Small houseplants with red flowers

What houseplant has red flowers?


African violets’ velvety blooms and fuzzy leaves charm windowsills. Hundreds of varieties in red hues thrive with filtered light, moist soil, and biweekly feeding. Water carefully to avoid spotting delicate foliage.

Amaryllis bulbs produce huge crimson trumpets on tall stems, often for holidays. After blooming, let the leaves die back and store bulbs before replanting. These beauties need bright light and rich soil.

Christmas Cactus surprises with cascading red tubular flowers in late fall and early winter. Place this easy succulent in indirect light and well-draining soil. Cool temperatures trigger abundant blooms.

The Spiky Crown of Thorns sprouts clusters of tiny red flowers surrounded by colorful bracts. Give this poisonous plant full sun and occasional watering to prevent drought stress.

Ixora‘s bright clusters of tiny, star-shaped blooms attract pollinators. This tropical shrub needs warmth, humidity, acidic soil, and bright light. Prune to keep compact indoors.

With the right care matching their preferences, compact houseplants with red flowers bring year-round vibrancy indoors through their vivid flower shows. A colorful living bouquet!

Red leaf plant

Indoor plant: red flower anthurium

A blaze of red amongst graceful green foliage—that’s the eye-catching anthurium. This tropical charmer, with its leathery heart-shaped leaves and dazzling blooms, thrives as a houseplant, bringing the vibrance of the rainforest indoors.Its imposing leaves fan out in a mosaic of dark green. Prominent veins run through the foliage, each leaf a canvas stretching over a foot wide. Yet the anthurium’s real showstopper is the modified leaf or spathe, unfurling like a red carpet. This extravagant bract envelopes a pale spadix where hundreds of tiny flowers reside, beckoning pollinators to attend.

Indoor plant red flower anthurium

How to grow and care anthurium

Berry-like fruits will later form if properly pollinated, eventually opening to release new seeds to propagate the plant. Through this cycle, the anthurium’s splendor carries on. But beware—crystals coating the leaves and stems make this beauty toxic if accidentally ingested. Admire from afar and keep curious pets away!Grown in bright indirect light with consistent watering and humidity, the anthurium will reward with constant blooms. Mix orchid bark, peat, perlite, and sand for the quick drainage it prefers. Prune away dead leaves or flowers to keep it looking its best. Watch for pests like mealybugs that can be treated with gentle insecticidal soap. With proper care, the vivid anthurium brings a touch of the tropics indoors.

Where should I put anthurium in my house?

Place Anthuriums in bright, indirect light near a north or east-facing window. Avoid direct sunlight, maintain a warm (65-80°F) and humid environment. Use well-draining soil, let the soil partially dry between waterings for optimal care. Since anthuriums enjoy warmth and humidity, putting them in spots like bathroom vanities is perfect.

Large houseplant with red flowers

A flourish of red blooms atop vibrant green foliage—that’s the beauty of large houseplants with scarlet flowers. These indoor showstoppers bring a touch of the tropics yet require the right care to reach their full potential.Ample space allows their imposing leaves to unfold. Heart shapes, spear points, scalloped edges—each leafy canvas is a mosaic of green with ample room to grow over a foot wide. Though the foliage impresses, it’s the brazen blooms that steal the show.

Large houseplant with red flowers

How do you keep an anthurium healthy?

Modified leaves or floral bracts in crimson, magenta, and scarlet envelop a center spike where petite buds reside. Some houseplants need ample light and rest periods before their gaudy display. Others bloom freely with minimal coaxing and are among low light houseplants. anthurium needs at least six hours of daily sunlight. Proper watering prevents shriveled leaves and wilted blooms. Humidity leaves them lush, while dry air crisps their edges. Seasonal feeds encourage growth and fuel future flowers.Left unchecked, these bold beauties can exceed their bounds. Pruning maintains shapely specimens and redirects their energy into prolific blooms. With attention to light, humidity, and care, These sizable indoor plants consistently bloom with striking flowers, adding vibrant tropical flair to any space.

A tropical plant with a red flower in the middle

A burst of brazen red ensconced in verdant foliage—that’s the signature look of tropical beauties with showy central blooms. These exotic specimens thrive indoors and outdoors in steamy environs reminiscent of their equatorial origins.Ample space allows their imposing leaves to unfold in a mosaic of green. Spear-shaped, heart-shaped, scalloped—each leaf is an expansive canvas, some spreading over a foot wide. Yet it’s the audacious flower in the middle that steals the scene.

Growing Conditions of anthurium

A modified leaf or bract in crimson or magenta envelops a spiky center where petite buds reside. Some tropical plants need coaxing with light and rest to flaunt their gaudy displays. Others bloom freely with minimal fuss. Careful watering prevents drooping leaves and faded blooms. Humidity leaves them lush, while dry air crisps their edges. Seasonal feeding fuels growth and future flowers.Left unchecked, these bold beauties can exceed their bounds. Strategic pruning maintains shapely specimens and promotes prolific blooms. With close attention to their preferences for light, water, and humidity, these exotic eye-catchers reward growers with a continuous procession of dramatic focal flowers and vibrant tropical flair.