Bathroom Vanities

simple bathroom vanity

When speaking of house furniture, bathroom vanities are mostly referred to as the combination of a sink and the surrounding extra storage units in the bathroom. This piece of furniture can be functional, not only in shaping the overall aesthetic of the bathroom but also in adding some space for personal grooming activities. Vanities can be found in numerous styles, materials, and sizes fitting all kinds of preferences and requirements.

If you have a taste for smooth modern designs with minimalistic lines or even traditional styles, you can find a vanity that will fit that category. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they are very practical, offering storage solutions for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. vanities help you keep your space organized. At FMD cabinets we help you find the best vanity based on your needs and taste.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

A modern wooden vanity in your bathroom is a perfect option, no matter your bathroom is big, or small, dark or light. you can go for 24 inch vanity if your bathroom is small, and if your bathroom is neither big nor small, a 30 inch vanity will be perfect. 36 inch vanity is a good idea for a standard vanity, but if your space is big and you need a large vanity, go for a 48 inch bathroom vanity.

A modern bathroom vanity can have a simple minimal or a luxury look, depending on its material, color, and design. FMD Cabinets, a cabinets constructor and seller based in San Jose, has a prefect selection of modern vanities. Never miss our new products. You can order FMD Cabinet’s team what you have in mind to make it for you. So, if you are in hurry, we will suggest you our premade vanities, but if you want some thing unique which fit your bathroom perfectly, order us to make it for you.

Simple Bathroom Vanities

A simple vanity is more functional rather to be aesthetic. It has a simple design which can fit in every bathroom design, but you should consider picking the right color. warm neutral colors are prefect color choice for simple bathroom vanities. you can order our team to make a simple bathroom vanity for you, or come and visit our simple vanities collection in San Jose.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

A double sink bathroom vanity can be under 60 inch or over 80 inch, depending on your place’s size. Double sink vanities are perfect choices for luxury homes, and families with school kids. You can decide how many doors should your vanity have. moreover, you can decide on your sink type and shape, where to place your sink, door closure types, and the number of drawers. Keep in mind that, marble, ceramic, and quartz vanity counter top adds elegance to your home.

Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

the first important thing in choosing a single sink bathroom vanity is the style of your vanity. they are presenting in three categories including, freestanding, wall-mount, and corner. standard size for a vanity is between 24 inch to 48 inch. Our single sink vanity collection includes simple vanities, or vanities with storage for towels and make-up counter. If you are interested in pre-constructed vanities you can order now, or not call us now and let us know your needs to make the perfect vanity for your place.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating bathroom vanity is a modern and popular vanity design that can have a single or double sink, but it has a very simple look due to its modern features. floating bathroom vanity provide you with a more open space.